[FRN:] No more secular pluralism in India? – Saffronisation imposed by Hindu nationalists (Serie 706: Süd-Nord-Funk)

Lalit Vacha­ni is a rese­ar­cher, tea­cher and filmma­ker working at the Uni­ver­si­ty of Göt­tin­gen.

He’s tal­king about Hin­du natio­na­lism in India, the new Citi­zenship Amend­ment Act (CAA) that cau­sed pogrom-like attacks and sys­te­ma­tic vio­lence against mus­lims and the pro­tests against it.
He’s also showing how COVID19 is fuel­ling the racism and how RSS and BJP are slow­ly ’saf­fro­ni­sing’ the coun­try. Read More