[gG:] Intimidation attempt against Prosfigika Squat in Athens

This morning, August 5, four unknown men bro­ke into a house in the first block of Alex­an­dras Av. They tried to give the impres­si­on of under­co­ver poli­ce offi­cers and threa­tened migrant resi­dents that they would have to lea­ve the house. If not, they will be evic­ted. Greek resi­dents with regu­lar con­tracts would be allo­wed to stay.
After some back and forth and the vain request to iden­ti­fy them­sel­ves, the intru­ders were pushed out of the house by the now alar­med neigh­bour­hood and fled. A cop from the local Ambe­lo­ki­pi poli­ce sta­ti­on told the neigh­bour­hood that this was not an offi­cial poli­ce action. The night befo­re, a DIAS patrol had alrea­dy haras­sed a migrant living here in the sett­le­ment.
Via open chan­nels, an assem­bly was mobi­li­sed for the ear­ly evening at Pros­fi­gi­ka to dis­cuss the inci­dent today, who is not alo­ne. The­re has been spe­cu­la­ti­on in the press about an upco­m­ing evic­tion, the city is try­ing to deter­mi­ne the owners­hip of the apart­ment blocks and recent­ly workers tried to drill test holes for an under­ground car park.
Short­ly befo­re today’s mee­ting star­ted, several DIAS and DELTA units pro­vo­ca­tively dro­ve up in front of the buil­dings to intimi­da­te tho­se pre­sent.

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