[gG:] Berlin: ACTIONWEEK FOR LIEBIG34 – 07.09 – 13.09.20

Lie­big 34 is being threa­tend by evic­tion. When sta­te, cops and the owner want to evict, they will only have a desas­ter on their hands.
As an anar­cha-queer-femi­nist self­or­ga­ni­zed house-pro­ject without cis-men, direct­ly at the squa­re „Dorf­platz“ in Fried­richs­hain, Lie­big 34 is a place whe­re resis­ti­ve actions and collec­ti­ve moments are deci­ded and orga­ni­zed. A place whe­re self-orga­niz­a­ti­on beco­mes a dan­ge­rous word, whe­re a pro­ject is beco­m­ing a star­ting point of strug­gles and not just a space of self-refe­rence and alter­na­ti­ve enter­tain­ment. The pro­ject its­elf has taken part in the plan­ning of many of demons­tra­ti­ons, publis­hed nume­rous calls and texts and car­ri­ed out various radi­cal actions. But it is also a sym­bol of radi­ca­liz­a­ti­on and empower­ment for the ant­ago­nistic sce­ne in Ber­lin and in Ger­ma­ny, as it shows how to fight various forms of resis­tance.
Liebig34 con­sists of a collec­ti­ve which is working with a focus to over­co­me more and more inter­na­li­zed struc­tures of capi­ta­lism and patri­ar­chy. In a world whe­re patri­ar­chy makes up one of the main pil­lars of the capi­ta­list sys­tem, mili­tant femi­nist groups and collec­ti­ves, which make clear that the resis­tance and the figh­t­ing back is not a cis-men pri­vi­le­ge, are more than necessa­ry. In a patri­ar­chal world, in which patri­ar­chy and capi­ta­lism are inter­vo­ven, it is more than necessa­ry to actual­ly fight patr­air­chy and not have it be a sideno­te in a text. Let us not be divi­ded by opp­res­si­on and let’s fight tog­e­ther in this for a libe­ra­ted socie­ty.

Join the fight and defend Liebig34!

Femi­nist action week 07–13.09.20

More infor­ma­ti­on com­ing as soon as pos­si­ble. check: https://​defendlie​bi​g34​.noblogs​.org/

Auto­no­mous Groups for Liebig34

see: https://​www​.you​tube​.com/​w​a​t​c​h​?​v​=​1​Y​e​F​D​F​7​v​ews

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