[FRN:] Bringing down the dictatorship – Interview on protests in Belarus (Serie 1154: Elephant in the Room)

Sin­ce Sunday streets in Bela­rus are fil­led with rage of pro­tes­ters try­ing to bring down the dic­ta­tor­s­hip. Peop­le from all parts of the socie­ty have been cla­shing in the night of August 9 in 33 dif­fe­rent cities around the coun­try. They are figh­t­ing against pre­si­dent Lukas­hen­ko who is ruling the coun­try for the last 26 years.

We got tog­e­ther with one of com­ra­des from Bela­rus who is living in emi­gra­ti­on and cla­ri­fied some things that are hap­pe­ning in Bela­rus right now. Read More