[EMRAWI:] (A‑Radio) Slovenia: Tactics and challenges in the ongoing social uprising

As A‑Radio Ber­lin we had the oppor­tu­ni­ty of tal­king to a com­ra­de from the Fede­ra­ti­on for Anar­chist Orga­ni­zing (FAO) in Slo­ve­nia and Croa­tia. Amongst the topics were the ongo­ing social upri­sing in Slo­ve­nia, the dyna­mics and chal­len­ges of such a move­ment in the Covid-19 con­text, sta­te repres­si­on and neo­na­zi attacks as well as a com­pa­ri­son to the 2012/​2013 upri­sing. Last but not least our com­ra­de offers an ana­ly­sis of the tac­tics used in the strugg­le and how to pos­si­b­ly go for­ward.

Length: 27:36 min

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