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anläss­lich des anhal­ten­den auf­stands in bela­rus und der für uns unvor­stell­ba­ren repres­si­on des lukas­hen­ko regimes gegen demonstrant*innen haben wir ein ban­ner auf­ge­han­gen.

soli­da­ri­ty with the upri­sing in #bela­rus
bul­len­ge­walt bekämp­fen über­all

Call for soli­da­ri­ty actions with the upri­sing against the Lukas­hen­ko regime – 14 August
12/​08/​2020 News

For the first time in the histo­ry of Bela­rus, peop­le across the coun­try rebel­led against the dic­ta­tor­s­hip. Many thousands of demons­tra­ti­ons are held not only in the capi­tal, but also in small towns. Peop­le take to the streets and not only peace­ful­ly pro­test against the aut­ho­ri­ties, but also fight against the sta­te appa­ra­tus – they help friends and com­ra­des and clash with punis­hers.

August 10, bar­ri­ca­des appeared in the streets of Minsk for the first time, while pro­tes­ters began using molo­tov cock­tails. Some enter­pri­ses and firms went on strike.

In recent days, stan­ding shoul­der to shoul­der, we have felt what the ener­gy of the peop­le means. We have rea­li­zed that tog­e­ther we can over­throw a tyrant!

The blo­cka­ge of the Inter­net could not stop the news flow. Peop­le all over the world have lear­ned that the Bela­ru­si­an dic­ta­tor­s­hip is rea­dy to drown the popu­la­ti­on in blood just to stay in power. In three days, poli­ce and inter­nal tro­ops detai­ned more than 5000 peop­le, hund­reds suf­fe­red from cop vio­lence. At least one per­son has been kil­led.

Now more than ever, inter­na­tio­nal soli­da­ri­ty is important in the fight against Lukas­hen­ko. The­re­fo­re, we call you all to join the inter­na­tio­nal day of actions in soli­da­ri­ty with bela­ru­si­an peop­le! In what for­mat can you express your soli­da­ri­ty? You can hold ral­lies and demons­tra­ti­ons at Bela­ru­si­an embas­sies and other insti­tu­ti­ons of Bela­ru­si­an power in your coun­try. Take collec­ti­ve pho­tos. Take part in direct actions. Any, even the smal­lest soli­da­ri­ty can sup­port the fire of rebel­li­on that will tear down the dic­ta­tor­s­hip in our coun­try!

Send your reports to belarus_​abc@​riseup.​net or post on social net­works with the #Bela­rus hash­tag.

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