[gG:] HANDS OFF THE SQUATS-Solidarity with Terra Incognita

In the morning of mon­day the 17th of august, cops rai­ded and evic­ted the squat Ter­ra Inco­gni­ta in Thes­sa­lo­ni­ki (in Greece) that had been squat­ted sin­ce Febru­a­ry 2004. A poli­ti­cal space which stands as a thorn in this socie­ty of their “nor­ma­li­ty”. A struc­tu­re which was open to all the mar­gi­na­li­zed and the oppres­sed indi­vi­du­als and groups of this socie­ty. A space whe­re com­ra­deship, friendship, collec­ti­ves and poli­tics from below were crea­ted and taken part in. It was an important cen­ter of strugg­le of the anar­chist move­ment in the city.

What’s hap­pe­ning in Greece and other pla­ces does not sur­pri­se us, this dog­ma of “law and order” which tri­es to get imple­men­ted by New Democracy’s regime is not some­thing new. We see it as an open pro­ce­du­re of a con­ti­nuous attack from the “abo­ve” which belongs in every state’s agen­da world­wi­de. We reco­gni­ze that the sta­tes glo­bal­ly take an aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an posi­ti­on against our spaces. It is an attack on our anar­chist and self-orga­ni­zed struc­tures also here in Ber­lin with con­ti­nuous thre­ats of evic­tion on our house pro­jects, collec­ti­ve bars and auto­no­mous neigh­bor­hoods.

Whe­re­ver in the world, an attack on our struc­tures will not remain silent. Squats for us are the big­gest parts of our strugg­le against gen­tri­fi­ca­ti­on, tou­rism, which ser­ves the pro­fit of capi­ta­lism and the “clea­ring” of our neigh­bor­hoods. Pla­ces which are against the black­mail of the bos­ses and the repres­si­on of the cops, the imple­men­ta­ti­on of self-orga­niz­a­ti­on, pla­ces of libe­ra­ti­on from the tyran­ny of the sta­te, capi­tal and patri­ar­chy. An important tool for the anar­chist move­ment in order to get collec­tively orga­ni­zed and fight for a socie­ty based on equa­li­ty, soli­da­ri­ty and free­dom.

Every evic­tion has its pri­ce!
We send our soli­da­ri­ty gree­tings and much strength to Ter­ra Inco­gni­ta.
With love and rage, Riga­er 94.

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