[FRN:] Elephant in the room – International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners (Serie 1154: Elephant in the Room)

23.–30. Sep­tem­ber – Inter­na­tio­nal Week of Soli­da­ri­ty with Anarch­sit Pri­so­ners

A new deca­de has star­ted on this pla­net. With the rise of right-wing move­ments and the slow decli­ne of social demo­cra­cy, we are loo­king into com­ing years of inten­se strugg­le with the sta­te and capi­ta­lism. The­re are alrea­dy many anar­chists sit­ting in pri­sons for taking on this fight—forgotten or igno­red by libe­rals and human rights NGOs for “vio­lent” actions.

Qui­te often anar­chists do get soli­da­ri­ty from parts of the socie­ty from which they are come. After all who can sup­port one bet­ter than their own fel­low humans trap­ped in the same mise­ry of explo­ita­ti­on. Howe­ver, we belie­ve that respon­si­bi­li­ty for tho­se facing repres­si­on in dif­fe­rent parts of the world should not be only on the shoul­ders of local com­mu­nities, but of inter­na­tio­nal anar­chist move­ments. Through our collec­ti­ve actions we can not only more wide­ly dif­fu­se the resour­ces that are avail­ab­le, but also keep the fires bur­ning in the ches­ts of tho­se impr­i­son­ed through auto­no­mous revo­lu­tio­na­ry love and direct actions!

Two anar­chists from Eng­land and Bela­rus tal­king about their expe­ri­en­ces with soli­da­ri­ty insi­de and out­side the pri­son. Read More