[gG:] secu​ri​tas​.ch hacked and database leaked

We as an anti­fa­scist secu­ri­ty group came through a blog to the site of secu​ri​tas​.ch.

Sin­ce this com­pa­ny hires fascists who like to use vio­lence against peop­le, inclu­ding com­ra­des, we have taken the goal of the home­page under the magni­fy­ing glass.

The ope­ra­tors of this home­page were gross­ly negli­gent regar­ding secu­ri­ty.

Pic­tu­re of the Deface:

And here the data dump in form of a SQL file of the home­page:

Soli­da­ri­ty for all anti­fa­scists world­wi­de.

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