[EMRAWI:] Out Now : 325 #12 – ‘Against the Fourth and Fifth Industrial Revolutions’ (ACN)

A collec­tion of cri­ti­cal texts and let­ters from anar­chist points of view exami­ning the new chan­ges in pro­duc­tion and social con­trol brought about by new tech­no­lo­gies which are ushe­ring in a tota­li­sing pri­son-world and the advan­ce of smar­ter-than-human machi­nes. This issue of 325 builds on the con­si­de­ra­ti­ons and con­tent of the last issue which took as it’s focus the sub­ject of the Tech­no­lo­gi­cal Sin­gu­la­ri­ty. Six years later, the mecha­nisms, ideo­lo­gies and impacts of this glo­bal dys­to­pian pro­ject are nea­rer and clea­rer and the texts you will read in this new issue deal with the emer­ging rea­li­ties of the­se tech­no­lo­gi­cal revo­lu­ti­ons.

For the first time, 325 is com­ing out in 3 lan­guages: First in Eng­lish, with Spa­nish and Ita­li­an to fol­low. Prin­ted copies will be avail­ab­le soon, but we also encou­ra­ge peop­le to print out their own copies and dis­tri­bu­te them in their area.

CONTENTS : 325#12

3. Edi­to­ri­al

4. Auto­ma­ti­on, Robo­tics & Labour in the 4th & 5th Indus­tri­al Revo­lu­ti­ons

8. From Riot to Insur­rec­tion – Excerpt

9. A Small Cri­ti­cism of Sci­ence and its World

10. Covid-19 World: Epi­de­mics in the era of Capi­ta­lism

12. The Frac­tures of Domi­ni­on

13. Coor­di­na­ted Incen­dia­ry Attacks Against Relay Anten­nas in Gre­no­ble, Fran­ce

14. The 4th and 5th Indus­tri­al Revo­lu­ti­ons

17. The Arti­fi­cial Repro­duc­tion of the Human: The Road of Trans­hu­ma­nism

23. Machi­ne Psy­cho­lo­gy: A Disap­pearing Act

25. Obli­que Look

28. Smart­pho­nes, Ring­to­nes, Capi­tal

29. Cash­less Socie­ties and Cryp­to-Cur­ren­ci­es: End of the Tra­di­tio­nal Era of Ban­king and Finan­ce

32. Con­tri­bu­ti­on to the 1st Inter­na­tio­nal Mee­ting Against Tech­no-Sci­en­ces by impr­i­son­ed anar­chist Dino Giagt­zoglou

38. Cyber­ne­tic Socie­ty and its World

48. Against Star­link

50. Space : Part 1

51. To Be Released

53. Direct Action Chro­no­lo­gy


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