[gG:] [Leipzig, Germany] Sow the wind and reap the storm.

We take review of a long las­ting wee­kend, fil­led with strug­gles against the incre­a­sing dis­pla­ce­ment, the gen­tri­fi­ca­ti­on and unbe­ara­ble sie­ge of pigs in our neigh­bor­hoods. After the evic­tion of two squats, the rage regar­ding the social grie­van­ces esca­la­ted for ano­t­her time.

After the evic­tion of Luwi71 squat, the­re was a call for a Day X+1 demons­tra­ti­on for the fol­lowing Thurs­day. Cou­p­le of hund­red peop­le whe­re fol­lowing the call and expres­sed their anger about the expul­si­on of the pro­spec­ti­ve social cen­ter near the Eisen­bahn­stra­ße neigh­bor­hood. Cops were atta­cked, bar­ri­ca­des build and lit. The con­fron­ta­ti­ons las­ted for a cou­p­le of hours, in which peop­le also tried to res­quat the Luwi71. The pigs con­ti­nuous­ly tried to disper­se the mas­ses, but ins­tead a cou­p­le of small demons­tra­ti­ons and affi­ni­ty groups whe­re pushing the con­fron­ta­ti­on for­ward. A cou­p­le of peop­le from the neigh­bor­hood, who could watch the con­fron­ta­ti­on, deci­ded to par­ti­ci­pa­te. One could feel the rage and anger about the dai­ly sie­ge and cri­mi­na­liz­a­ti­on of the Eisen­bahn­stra­ße Neigh­bor­hood by the pigs, whe­re the first “Waffenverbotszone”(1) was con­struc­ted by the Saxo­ni­an government two years ago. In the cour­se of the con­fron­ta­ti­ons and after a cou­p­le of unsuc­cess­ful attacks of the cops, they star­ted ran­dom­ly to shoot tear gas into a crowd of bystan­ders, neigh­bors, demons­tra­tors and jour­na­lists. That they used, here and on the fol­lowing day, an ammu­ni­ti­on which is for­bid­den by the law of war wea­pons, does not sur­pri­se in the face of the mili­ta­riz­a­ti­on of the Saxon poli­ce. (https://​twit​ter​.com/​L​I​Z​_​d​e​/​s​t​a​t​u​s​/​1​3​0​1​6​3​3​8​0​7​8​6​7​6​8​6​914). In the cour­se of this evening more than 20 peop­le were detai­ned, we wish all of them strength! Ever­yo­ne was released until the next morning.

Encou­ra­gin­gly peop­le squat­ted ano­t­her buil­ding in Leip­zig Con­ne­witz on the next day, Fri­day the 4th of Sep­tem­ber. But unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly cops and secu­ri­ty cars moved in the neigh­bor­hood, cir­cled the squat and evic­ted it, befo­re a cri­ti­cal mass could be mobi­li­zed in front of the buil­ding. Nevertheless lot’s of peop­le see­med to noti­ce, as the­re grou­ped around 300 peop­le a few hours later for a spon­ta­ne­ous demons­tra­ti­on. What fol­lo­wed, was an appro­pria­te ans­wer to the con­temp­tuous pra­xis of the pigs. After the Spon­ti had star­ted with the wide use of pyro­tech­nics, the foot­hold of the pigs in Con­ne­witz was atta­cked, sur­veil­lan­ce came­ras des­troy­ed and cou­p­le of win­dows dama­ged by color and stones. Sin­ce the ope­ning of the out­post in 2014, this was the fifth big­ger attack on it. The­ru­pon the Spon­ti moved through Ham­mer­stra­ße in direc­tion of the Bor­nai­sche Stra­ße, whe­re at first a poli­ce van was sent away by stones and pyro­tech­nics and the first arri­ving pig grif­fin unit was sent away in a hail of stones. After the demons­tra­ti­on arri­ved the inter­sec­tion of Bornaische/​Stockartstraße, major poli­ce for­ces arri­ved from the south and norths­ide of the area. The­re were minu­tes of con­fron­ta­ti­on. In the cour­se of this con­fron­ta­ti­on cop vans were bel­ting with high velo­ci­ty on to the crowd of peop­le, for­cing peop­le to jump asi­de in the last minu­te, not to die. While this they almost ram a tram and final­ly stop­ped with an emer­gen­cy bra­king, whe­re the second van cras­hed into the first. Without dra­ma­ti­zing, we though want to name, what this was: An attemp­ted mur­der on peop­le, who are a thorn in the side of the sta­te. That while this car crash no one was over­run by the pigs, is almost a mira­cle. Des­pi­te all the joy regar­ding the pic­tures of the des­troy­ed poli­ce van, des­pi­te all jokes made about ille­gal car races of cops and so on, we won’t for­get, that lives were con­scious­ly put at high risk in this moment. The con­ser­va­ti­ve mouth­pie­ce of the ruling class, the rich and the right wing popu­lists, Sprin­ger­pres­se, wro­te, the car acci­dent was cau­sed by attacks on the cops in this moment. Some­thing is true in this expres­si­on, sin­ce the pigs in the vehi­cles atta­cked tried to run over the attacking peop­le in this moment. It is a high­ly hypo­cri­ti­cal way of expres­si­on in this con­cre­te moment, when the major pig, Tors­ten Schult­ze, accu­ses us to put lives at risk and his sol­di­ers try to attempt mur­der. Sin­ce we are facing ful­ly equip­ped and well trai­ned for­ces, with armor and hel­mets, which by hund­reds of thrown stones usual­ly (sad­ly) just inju­re them in a light way. The anger and hate against the pigs, the con­fron­ta­ti­ons and strug­gles of the past mon­ths, were expo­nen­tia­ted by their attacks. Through abu­ses, inju­ries con­ti­nuis­ly cau­sed by their actions. Through all for­ced evic­tions, harr­ass­ments, the per­ma­nent sie­ge. You do not need to won­der, that more and more peop­le stop­ped to belie­ve in a peace­ful chan­ge of social pro­blems in our city.

After 45 minu­tes of inten­si­ve con­fron­ta­ti­on the demons­tra­ti­on retrea­ted slow­ly and disper­sed its­elf. The fact that the­re were no arrests makes us very hap­py and shows that collec­ti­ve lear­ning pro­ces­ses have also taken place in recent mon­ths, that we pay more atten­ti­on to one ano­t­her and that they aren’t that con­fi­dent any­mo­re to make arrests, becau­se they have lear­ned, that when they try, the­re will be resis­tance and they have to count with collec­ti­ve attempt to release the detai­ned peop­le. But it is also due to the fact that after the pre­vious evening in the east, the cops did not expect to be con­fron­ted with riots in the south of Leip­zig on Fri­day. They were not pre­pa­red for ano­t­her occup­a­ti­on and only had about 3 hours to plan a deploy­ment, which is why we were spon­ta­ne­ous­ly bet­ter able to act than they were.

On Satur­day evening, the announ­ced demons­tra­ti­on „Com­bi­ne strug­gles“ took place. Many initia­ti­ves hold spee­ches about the social strug­gles in Leip­zig and inter­na­tio­nal­ly and of cour­se, in view of the cur­rent events, refe­rence was also made to the evic­tions of the Luwi71 and the B34. The demo was very com­ba­ti­ve from the start and expres­sed an ant­ago­nistic atti­tu­de towards the bour­geois sta­te. This hap­pen­ed, among other things, by the mas­si­ve igni­ti­on of pyro­tech­nics and various smal­ler attacks on cops. After luxu­ry apart­ments were atta­cked on Wolf­gang-Hein­ze-Stra­ße, the cops deci­ded to break up the demons­tra­ti­on and attack from dif­fe­rent sides at the same time. The­re were phy­si­cal ass­aults on bystan­ders and jour­na­lists. Groups of peop­le were cha­sed through the side streets and bru­tal­ly arres­ted. Nevertheless, we were able to coun­ter the ram­pant poli­ce vio­lence through soli­da­ry reac­tions and sti­cking tog­e­ther in lar­ge groups. Cops were repeated­ly atta­cked by small groups and some of them were cha­sed away so the num­ber of arrests could be limi­ted to at least 15 (which is still 15 arrests too many). It was clear from the start that, after two pre­vious nights of small riots and attacks against the pigs, a high num­ber of arrests was the main tar­get of the cops. It was also clear that the cops would take every oppor­tu­ni­ty to break up the demons­tra­ti­on and start the hunt for ever­yo­ne. We were hap­py to recei­ve the news that at the same time as the demons­tra­ti­on, a cop tub on the pre­mi­ses of the poli­ce admi­nis­tra­ti­on office went up in fla­mes in the west of Leip­zig.

Sin­ce some press reports outra­ged the attacks on the luxu­ry buil­dings on Wolf­gang-Hein­ze-Stra­ße, we want to take a brief stand on this. It must be clear that we are not the offi­cial spo­kes­per­son for the demons­tra­ti­on and that we can­not repre­sent all opi­ni­ons of the par­ti­ci­pants. First of all, we con­si­der it a sen­si­ble, necessa­ry and legi­ti­ma­te form of sym­bo­lic pro­test to attack new buil­dings with paint, stones, fire or wha­te­ver. This allows the legi­ti­ma­te anger to be expres­sed about pro­ces­ses of dis­pla­ce­ment. Dis­pla­ce­ment pro­ces­ses that lead to social net­works being des­troy­ed, peop­le being pushed out of their for­mer living and living envi­ron­ment and having to make room for tho­se with hig­her inco­mes. If the­se hig­her ear­ners deci­de to lea­ve Con­ne­witz again and thus the demand for luxu­ry apart­ments falls, that is a wel­co­me side effect. What we natu­ral­ly reject is if, in the event of such attacks, it can­not be ruled out that child­ren or children’s rooms could be affec­ted. To what extent the atta­ckers did this, we can­not assess. Howe­ver, the fact that various press arti­cles now wri­te about how bad it is that luxu­ry apart­ments have been atta­cked with stones and colo­red glass, that peop­le get exci­ted about a Ben­ga­lo on a bal­co­ny made com­plet­ly out of stone, bor­ders on human con­tempt in the face of all the peop­le without shel­ter. In view of all the peop­le who had to give up their homes becau­se of lea­sing and luxu­ry reno­va­tions, all of the peop­le who can no lon­ger pay their rent or only with gre­at dif­fi­cul­ty. Becau­se all this is what we mean by struc­tu­ral vio­lence, vio­lence that emana­tes from an eco­no­mic sys­tem in which ever­ything beco­mes a com­mo­di­ty, in which the grea­test pos­si­ble pro­fit is to be extrac­ted from ever­ything. A sys­tem in which human digni­ty is only an annoy­ing obsta­cle to explo­ita­ti­on and accu­mu­la­ti­on and which is main­tai­ned with insti­tu­tio­na­li­zed vio­lence in the form of poli­ce, mili­ta­ry and pri­son.

In addi­ti­on to the many demons­tra­ti­ons and con­fron­ta­ti­ons, the­re was also a wee­kend of dis­cus­sion and events taking place in Con­ne­witz throughout the wee­kend. The „Sozia­le Kampf­bau­stel­le“ invi­ted to dis­cus­sions, pre­sen­ta­ti­ons and net­wor­king, sur­roun­ded by infor­ma­ti­on stands, brunch /​kit­chen for all and a cock­tail bar. All events took place in public spaces, in the sur­roun­ding parks and streets. Many peop­le sat down in the sun or drizz­ling rain and dis­cus­sed. Some­ti­mes up to 60 inte­res­ted peop­le lis­tened to the lec­tures on women* and mili­tancy, social strug­gles in Chi­le, repres­si­on in Ita­ly or the Liebig34 house pro­ject, which is threa­tened by evic­tion. It took place des­pi­te the pre­sence of a lar­ge num­ber of cops in the neigh­bor­hood. Also in front of Luwi71 the­re was an invi­ta­ti­on to the neigh­bor­hood brunch on Sunday, whe­re des­pi­te the mas­si­ve pre­sence of cops, some neigh­bors and sup­por­ters of Luwi71 met and dis­cus­sed per­spec­ti­ves after the evic­tion or orga­ni­zed help for col­la­te­ral dama­ge that occur­red during the day X + 1 demo. We noti­ce that espe­cial­ly in the­se times the­re is a gre­at need for exchan­ge and dis­cus­sion about the exis­ting con­di­ti­ons and that it is orga­ni­zed in dif­fe­rent neigh­bor­hoods. And also that many share an anger and want to express it, in view of the power­less­ness in the face of the pro­ces­ses of repres­si­on, ram­pant racism and miso­gy­ny, gro­wing fascism and sta­te repres­si­on.

We are not sur­pri­sed that in view of the social con­di­ti­ons and deve­lo­p­ments, espe­cial­ly on the housing mar­ket in Leip­zig, peop­le are angry. Nevertheless, we are plea­sed about the extent to which the dis­pu­tes with homeow­ners, real esta­te com­pa­nies and the sta­te hench­men have assu­med over the past wee­kend, but also in the last few mon­ths. Of cour­se, all sta­te actors and bour­geois news­pa­pers meet the urgent need to vili­fy all tho­se peop­le who have been on the streets for the wee­kend as chao­ts. The anger and vio­lence, howe­ver, were by no means chao­tic; for the past three days they were direc­ted exclu­si­ve­ly against new buil­ding pro­jects and the pigs. On this wee­kend, many peop­le tar­ge­ted­ly atta­cked tho­se who put them­sel­ves in the ser­vice of the rich and owning class, pro­tect their pro­per­ty and pre­vent a life in digni­ty for all. Should the­re though be peop­le who­se cars, houses or bicy­cles were dama­ged in the cour­se of the con­flict, hope­ful­ly ways will be found to collec­tively find a solu­ti­on.

At this point we would like to quo­te from the call for the demons­tra­ti­on „Com­bi­ne strug­gles“ :

„Espe­cial­ly in Con­ne­witz we have been facing a dis­pla­ce­ment stra­te­gy of the city admi­nis­tra­ti­on for years, which is appar­ent­ly not only aiming for pro­fit, but also to split and dis­place the so-cal­led“ sce­ne „in Con­ne­witz. At that time it was the “sce­ne” that saved the houses from decay and demo­li­ti­on in the 1990s and crea­ted a land­s­cape of art, cul­tu­re and bars that has con­tri­bu­t­ed to the fact that the quar­ter has beco­me one of the most attrac­ti­ve in the city . And not only for so-cal­led “alter­na­ti­ves”, but also for many young fami­lies. So the peop­le who in the 90s, also in the fight against the sta­te, put through a shel­ter against the ever­y­day Nazi ter­ror, can no lon­ger pay their rent in the hip Con­ne­witz. (…) So when con­struc­tion sites are atta­cked, new houses are smea­red with paint, then we do not see the work of bored chao­ts, but a last despe­ra­te rebel­li­on of all tho­se who do not want to be pushed out of their neigh­bor­hood without a fight. “

The goal of orga­ni­zing living space for ever­yo­ne and buil­ding a city from below will not be achie­ved with nego­tia­ti­ons, rent bra­kes, milieu pro­tec­tion sta­tu­tes or lar­ge-sca­le expro­pria­ti­on cam­pai­gns (which just name them­sel­ves as such, but aren’t). The bour­geois sta­te will always put the inte­rests of capi­tal abo­ve human livings. This is also why in Leip­zig, des­pi­te all the empty words and expres­si­ons of under­stan­ding, none of the ruling par­ties is serious­ly com­mit­ted to ensu­ring that living space remains afford­a­ble or beco­mes afford­a­ble again. After all, it’s a pro­fi­ta­ble and cri­sis-resistant mar​ket​.In recent years, espe­cial­ly in lar­ge cities, the­re has not only been a mas­si­ve deve­lo­p­ment of capi­tal accu­mu­la­ti­on, which has led to the fact that only a few peop­le are lucky enough to own their own four walls and thus most of them are depen­dent on landlords and the real esta­te mar­ket for their ent­i­re life. The­re has also been an incre­a­se in the num­ber of peop­le who have lost their homes due to being ren­ted out or depen­dent on the employ­ment office, or who can­not even get an apart­ment at all due to the immi­gra­ti­on aut­ho­ri­ties and racist legis­la­ti­on.

Histo­ry also shows that it is easy to spe­cu­la­te on the real esta­te mar­ket with the housing of the poo­rer peop­le and their debts, not only loo­king at the finan­cial cri­sis of 2008. And that buil­ding luxu­ry apart­ments and upgrading neigh­bor­hoods not only makes a lot of money, it also goes hand in hand with poli­ti­cal power and influ­ence. The big real esta­te com­pa­nies ulti­mate­ly deter­mi­ne what our cities will look like, who gets housing whe­re and who falls behind. If we do not rebel against this over­all sys­tem, the­re will only ever be one solu­ti­on for a few. Our abi­li­ty to defend our­sel­ves the­re­fo­re results from an orga­niz­a­ti­on in the neigh­bo­ring com­mu­nities, from the non-sta­te orga­niz­a­ti­on of soli­da­ri­ty and mutu­al aid, and from the resis­tance that we oppo­se to the capi­ta­list sys­tem and the gro­wing fascist for­ces.

Asi­de from the housing deba­te and the wor­se­ning social con­di­ti­ons in Leip­zig, the­re are many things that move us and that encou­ra­ge our anger. Many left-wing house pro­jects in Ber­lin are threa­tened with evic­tion. Fought for years ago, they should now disap­pe­ar to for­ward the inven­ti­on of a new rich capi­tal city. In Sax­o­ny, fascist for­ces are gai­ning influ­ence, almost right popu­list par­ties are gai­ning popu­la­ri­ty and right-wing con­tent is gai­ning acc­laim. It is the order of the day that peop­le are atta­cked by fascists becau­se of unch­an­ge­ab­le cha­rac­te­ris­tics or social back­ground. Thousands of Nazis mar­ching with “con­cer­ned citi­zens” has not been a rari­ty sin­ce “Pegi­da”. And it is an open secret that wea­pons from sta­te aut­ho­ri­ties reach right-wing groups or that fascist ter­ror net­works are pro­tec­ted or even sup­por­ted by the intel­li­gence agen­cy or the poli­ce.

Con­ne­witz or Leip­zig seems to be an anti-fascist bas­ti­on in Sax­o­ny, but this too was and is con­stant­ly being fought for. In recent years, and espe­cial­ly this year, the­re has been a repres­si­ve storm on anti-fascists, as e.g. the mar­ti­al house raids of last June show. Other left-wing poli­ti­cal fiel­ds are also in the focus of the repres­si­on aut­ho­ri­ties, a new 129a tri­al is hit­ting com­ra­des in Frank­furt am Main and just last week the­re were 27 house sear­ches nati­on­wi­de becau­se of a 129a tri­al against the comu­nist group “Roter Auf­bau”. The sta­te is cur­r­ent­ly attemp­t­ing to mas­si­ve­ly attack and smash left for­ces and con­texts. World­wi­de we are also obser­ving a streng­t­he­ning of fascism and the unli­mi­ted will to rule of neo­li­be­ra­lism, which is showing its true natu­re even more clear­ly due to the ram­pant pan­de­mic.

But in recent years rebel­li­ons against the power of capi­ta­lism and the world’s ruling clas­ses have sprung up around the world. The revo­lu­tio­na­ry awa­ke­n­ing in Chi­le against neo­li­be­ral poli­tics, car­ri­ed out by the poo­rer class with a strong indi­ge­nous and femi­nist repre­sen­ta­ti­on, gives hope that a sys­tem can be over­thrown on the streets. But due to the pan­de­mic, this move­ment also had to con­cen­tra­te on its own pro­tec­tion and that of the com­mu­nities for now. Sin­ce most of the vic­tims of the virus, not only in Chi­le of cour­se, are the poo­rest in socie­ty, who do not recei­ve ade­qua­te care due to the pri­va­tiz­a­ti­on of the health sys­tem. In Bela­rus, peop­le have been taking to the streets for weeks and attacking a dic­ta­tor­s­hip that locks up thousands of peop­le and shoots at demons­tra­tors in order to keep them­sel­ves in power. In the USA, a social con­flict has come to a head that has been boi­ling over and over again for deca­des. Black com­mu­nities, indi­ge­nous com­mu­nities and white anti-fascists defend them­sel­ves against the struc­tu­ral mur­der of POCs by the poli­ce. They fight against the nor­ma­li­ty of a racist sta­te and desta­bi­li­ze a poli­ti­cal sys­tem that has always been ruled by the white poli­ti­cal eli­te. The unrest, which had been going on for mon­ths, spread rapidly across the who­le coun­try and inter­na­tio­nal­ly. Des­pi­te, or perhaps becau­se of, the many vic­tims that the move­ment has suf­fe­red in recent mon­ths, shot, run over or slain by mur­de­rous pigs or fascist mili­ti­as, the con­flict con­ti­nues even more inten­se­ly. A wind is blowing through the world and the signs point out to a storm.

We have to fight, have to resist! Not to act means to endor­se or sur­ren­der the situa­ti­on!

**We call for you to be part of the „Action­week for Liebig34“ this week and for an ener­ge­tic demons­tra­ti­on on Sep­tem­ber 12th, Was­ser­tor­platz (Ber­lin Kreuz­berg) at 8 p.m.!

**Every evic­tion has its pri­ce!

**Soli­da­ri­ty gree­tings are going from Leip­zig to Athens, whe­re com­pa­n­ions now have to stand in front of court for being caught while the evic­tion of the Gare Squat and to Dimitros Chat­zi­va­sei­li­dis, who has deci­ded not to be caught by poli­ce and is on the run sin­ce novem­ber last year.

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