[gG:] Claim for vandalizing a LIDL supermarket in Athens

Respon­ding to the call of Ter­ra Inco­gni­ta to turn Octo­ber into a mon­th dedi­ca­ted to soli­da­ri­ty and stan­ding up for Ter­ra Inco­gni­ta, but also for every other occ­cu­p­ied ground threa­tened by reppresion.and the call of Liebig34/​Berlin for an action week in Sep­tem­ber, we dama­ged on 15/​09/​2020 the win­dows of a LIDL in the area of Fali­ro. Strong win­dows, expen­si­ve win­dows. Only pea­nuts on their balan­ce sheet until this kind of actions gets used more fre­quent­ly.
In time­frames of action calls, our actions will be easy to repro­du­ce and lea­ve the frame of time and space. They pro­tect the cen­ter? – we attack in sub­urbs and enjoy the melo­dy of screa­ming alarm sys­tems in the decep­ti­ve silence while human maschi­nes rest for ano­t­her day of rest­less con­sump­ti­on.
Rea­sons to attack super­mar­kets were all­rea­dy men­tio­ned in ano­t­her action against the same com­pa­ny but also other inter­ven­ti­ons. Pigs may take the squats but our dest­ruc­tion will beco­me visi­ble in the face of the boring city, tur­ning them into gra­vey­ards of bur­ned cars, shat­te­red shop win­dows and aggres­si­ve graf­fi­ties against ste­ril neig­bor­hoods. This is how we inter­pret the calls of occu­p­ied, threa­tened or evic­ted spaces. And this is our way to sup­port every resis­ting collec­ti­ve which calls for attack.

(trans­la­ted from https://​athens​.indy​m​e​dia​.org/​p​o​s​t​/​1​6​0​7​2​38/ )

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