[de.indymedia:] Die Kapitalisten verbünden sich und wollen unser Leben noch mehr zu Hölle machen. Genossen, was machen wir derweil statt kämpfen?

The head of the World Eco­no­mic Forum, Klaus Schwab, wri­tes:

COVID-19 lock­downs may be gra­du­al­ly easing, but anxie­ty about the world’s social and eco­no­mic pro­spects is only inten­si­fy­ing. The­re is good rea­son to worry: a sharp eco­no­mic down­turn has alrea­dy begun, and we could be facing the worst depres­si­on sin­ce the 1930s. But, while this out­co­me is likely, it is not unavo­ida­ble. To achie­ve a bet­ter out­co­me, the world must act joint­ly and swift­ly to revamp all aspects of our socie­ties and eco­no­mies, from edu­ca­ti­on to social con­tracts and working con­di­ti­ons. Every coun­try, from the United Sta­tes to Chi­na, must par­ti­ci­pa­te, and every indus­try, from oil and gas to tech, must be trans­for­med. In short, we need a “Gre­at Reset” of capi­ta­lism.”

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