[gG:] Über Kapitalismus, Imperialismus und gegenwärtige Zwangsstörungen

Kil­ling Unknown

It’s hard to talk about the myri­ad issu­es piled in our socie­ty in a cohe­si­ve way, and when we try, we often get the same respon­se: “What is your solu­ti­on?” Peop­le get frus­tra­ted and demand an instant solu­ti­on to the struc­tu­ral pro­blem they are very much a part of.

The very insis­tence on a sin­gle, cure-for-all-ans­wer betrays their unwil­ling­ness to see the struc­tu­ral and sys­te­ma­tic natu­re of the pro­blem. Mean­while they allow them­sel­ves “solu­ti­ons” which are con­coc­ted by tho­se who have crea­ted the pro­blems.

Tho­se “solu­ti­ons” are bound to be strict­ly incre­men­tal and refor­mist, other­wi­se the self-ser­ving natu­re of the over­all tra­jec­to­ry beco­mes bla­tant­ly obvious.

Con­fron­ta­ti­on with the flaws of the “solu­ti­ons” trig­gers an emo­tio­nal respon­se: A clear indi­ca­ti­on that the cri­ti­cism points to the obvious flaws of the sys­tem its­elf, which in turn reso­na­tes as a cri­ti­cism against the self. The emo­tio­nal burst and the deni­al to reco­gni­ze the sys­tem for what it is are indi­ca­ti­ons of patho­lo­gi­cal adhe­si­on to abu­si­ve power.

This is the con­di­ti­on that for­ces many Ame­ri­can peop­le to prop up the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy and con­ti­nue to pro­ve their alle­gi­an­ce to it.

The real solu­ti­on must invol­ve a struc­tu­ral chan­ge. The feu­dal hier­ar­chy which struc­tu­ral­ly impo­ses extor­ti­on sche­mes of money and vio­lence on peop­le by domesti­ca­ting their huma­ni­ty, to be har­ve­s­ted over and over wit­hin the capi­ta­list frame­work, is inhu­ma­ne and dest­ruc­ti­ve to our spe­ci­es. Such an idea must not be brushed asi­de as unten­ab­le idea­lism if we are to live har­mo­nious­ly with one ano­t­her and with our envi­ron­ment.
Capi­ta­list Cage

In the vast­ness of space and uni­ma­gin­ab­le span of geo­lo­gi­cal time, our pre­sence is small: smal­ler than a spec of dust on a who­le pla­net. As con­scious bein­gs, we have crea­ted nar­ra­ti­ves and theo­ries to exp­lain what it means to be in this mys­te­rious sea of mat­ter and time.

Such ide­as are cen­tral to our social orga­niz­a­ti­on as well as how we rela­te our­sel­ves to it. They very much affect how we per­cei­ve things as indi­vi­du­als and as collec­ti­ves. Tho­se ide­as can take the shape of reli­gi­on, histo­ry, ideo­lo­gy, tra­di­ti­on, myth and so on, con­sti­tu­ting parts of the indi­vi­du­al psy­che as well as the collec­ti­ve psy­che.

Tho­se ide­as are sup­po­sed to be pro­mo­ted and per­pe­tua­ted by the com­mu­ni­ty mem­bers becau­se they ser­ve them by vali­da­ting the given social order which ser­ves their best inte­rests. They are sup­po­sed to give us ways to recon­ci­le with the unknown in collec­ti­ve man­ners, by which we find ways to accept the mys­te­ry of life with rever­ence and awe.

But do they?

As we are born into the social order, whe­re tho­se ide­as are rein­for­ced and phy­si­cal­ly mani­fest as social frame­work, we inter­na­li­ze tho­se ide­as, we beco­me a part of the social mecha­nism and the ide­as beco­me “rea­li­ty”.

But strict­ly spea­king this “rea­li­ty” is some­what dif­fe­rent from what is inher­ent­ly real in a mate­ri­al sen­se. What we per­cei­ve as “rea­li­ty” is our inter­pre­ta­ti­on of mat­ter which has been shaped by the impe­ra­ti­ves of the social order.

For examp­le, in a capi­ta­list socie­ty, a fact can devia­te from mate­ri­al rea­li­ty becau­se an insti­tu­ti­on which spe­cia­li­zes in the fact is influ­en­ced by the inte­rests of the ruling class. For examp­le, indus­tri­al was­te mate­ri­al can be dum­ped as a harm­less sub­s­tance. The effect of the lie incre­a­ses pro­gres­si­ve­ly against the oppres­sed peop­le sin­ce the pro­fits are made with the expen­se of tho­se who are explo­i­ted and sub­ju­ga­ted by the lie.

Peop­le suf­fer from the erro­ne­ous infor­ma­ti­on but to dif­fe­rent degrees. Tho­se who suf­fer the most are sub­jec­ted to the most strict mea­su­res, while tho­se who explo­it and sub­ju­ga­te can chan­ge the mea­su­res accord­ing to their needs while being well equip­ped to face mate­ri­al hardships.

Social insti­tu­ti­ons under capi­ta­lism always have the risk of fai­ling sin­ce experts’ opi­ni­ons are necessa­ry to under­stand a com­pli­ca­ted fact. Peop­le with big­ger plat­forms can sim­ply domi­na­te the fact becau­se peop­le don’t have the time and resour­ces to exami­ne the fact. A lou­der opi­ni­on can sim­ply get its way.

The eco­no­mic hier­ar­chy ensu­res that tho­se who have dire inte­rests in get­ting the fact right can not get it right.

Now, this mecha­nism also works ver­ti­cal­ly. Dif­fe­rent insti­tu­ti­ons are affec­ted dif­fer­ent­ly by the fal­se fact. A fact twis­ted by the spe­cial inte­rests crea­tes con­flicts among insti­tu­ti­ons. This crea­tes con­flicts among the peop­le. Howe­ver, the degree of the divi­si­ons get nar­rower and nar­rower as it gets clo­ser to the level of the ruling class, whe­re the lie can crea­te broa­der bene­fits to the alrea­dy wealt­hy and power­ful peop­le as they have the abi­li­ty to access all money­ed insti­tu­ti­ons in crea­ting “rea­li­ty” that ser­ves them.

Dan­ge­rous poli­cy, dan­ge­rous sub­s­tance, dan­ge­rous prac­ti­ce and so on affect tho­se who do not have the means to avoid them, while they can be part of enac­ting lucra­ti­ve busi­ness sche­mes for the ruling class. We are put against each other in arti­fi­cial­ly scar­ce mate­ri­al con­di­ti­ons whe­re we com­pe­te and form hier­ar­chy based on the impe­ra­ti­ves impo­sed by the capi­ta­list frame­work, ins­tead of accord­ing to the mate­ri­al facts.

A few major things hap­pen from the lie.

First, the ruling class suc­ceeds in pro­fi­t­ing from the explo­ita­ti­on and sub­ju­ga­ti­on and/​or suc­ceeds in pre­ser­ving the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy. Second, the lie crea­tes divi­si­ons among the oppres­sed. Third, the lie requi­res more lies to cover it up, depri­ving people’s abi­li­ty to rela­te to them­sel­ves, to each other and to natu­re accord­ing to mate­ri­al rea­li­ty.

The dyna­mic repeats its­elf in many ways, crea­ting a fal­se rea­li­ty in which mis­in­for­ma­ti­on, dis­in­for­ma­ti­on and pro­pa­gan­da mer­ge with facts as insti­tu­ti­ons are mani­pu­la­ted to ser­ve the inte­rests of the ruling class while the rest of the peop­le are divi­ded, con­fu­sed and dis­em­powe­red. The Foun­ding Fathers of the US pro­bab­ly knew this mecha­nism very well when they instal­led “sepa­ra­ti­on of powers” wit­hin the US government. The sepa­ra­ti­on would effec­tively insti­tu­tio­na­li­ze the mecha­nism, ensu­ring that the inte­rests of the peop­le are che­cked and balan­ced by the ruling class which can have access to all bran­ches of the government.

Money­ed social insti­tu­ti­ons as well as some “dis­si­dents” and “com­mu­ni­ty acti­vists” can func­tion as a cru­cial part of the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy, main­tai­ning and per­pe­tua­ting the sys­tem regard­less of their inten­ti­ons.

First, tho­se who neglect to reve­al the aims of the ruling class by sole­ly poin­ting out cri­mi­nal acts and refu­sing to reco­gni­ze the mecha­nism of explo­ita­ti­on dis­tract the peop­le from what is real­ly hap­pe­ning. Second, tho­se who refu­se to see the struc­tu­ral mecha­nism of explo­ita­ti­on wit­hin the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy can end up pro­tec­ting their own posi­ti­ons at the expen­se of the peop­le at the bot­tom while ser­ving the ruling class. Third, tho­se who fail to reco­gni­ze the lies or actively repeat them help facts to be sub­or­di­na­ted to the capi­ta­list frame­work while des­troy­ing the credi­bi­li­ty and inte­gri­ty of the social insti­tu­ti­ons, lea­ding to desta­bi­liz­a­ti­on of social relations—making us more sus­cep­ti­ble to lies and mani­pu­la­ti­ons.

The para­ly­zed sta­te can be uti­li­zed in fur­ther pri­va­ti­zing the insti­tu­ti­ons, resul­ting in more exten­si­ve domesti­ca­ti­on of huma­ni­ty and natu­re.

The­se are only a few examp­les of how see­min­gly con­struc­ti­ve social dyna­mics wit­hin the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy can func­tion to prop up the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy. The risk of peop­le tru­ly reco­gni­zing the natu­re of the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy, armed with experts and unity, is real as we obser­ve instan­ces of socia­list revo­lu­ti­ons across the glo­be.

Capi­ta­list insti­tu­ti­ons care­ful­ly accom­mo­da­te tho­se peop­le who do not pose fun­da­men­tal thre­ats to the capi­ta­list frame­work in main­tai­ning the social struc­tu­re that ser­ves them.
Para­si­tic Ten­den­cy of Capi­ta­lism

Some may won­der, if the sys­tem is so fascistic and dra­co­ni­an, why it would allow “dis­si­dents” to play a role in the social struc­tu­re at all. It is becau­se an aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an struc­tu­re with com­man­ds, decrees, and rigid rules and their puni­ti­ve con­se­quen­ces can not cul­ti­va­te acti­ve social rela­ti­ons to prop its­elf up. Human minds can not free the poten­ti­al of crea­ti­vi­ty to do so under such con­di­ti­ons.

Just enough free­dom to move wit­hin the cage is necessa­ry for the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy.

Also, without allowing some degree of “free­dom” wit­hin its frame­work, some peop­le might estab­lish com­mu­nities with a true sen­se of free­dom wit­hin the social struc­tu­re, which can pose a thre­at to the sys­tem. For this rea­son, the illu­si­on of safe­ty and free­dom are allo­wed wit­hin the capi­ta­list frame­work. Wit­hin this envi­ron­ment, peop­le enga­ge in crea­ti­ve acti­vi­ties, the exchan­ge of ide­as and pro­ducts, and the rest of the dai­ly rou­ti­nes.

The­se acti­vi­ties are gui­ded by money­ed social insti­tu­ti­ons ensu­ring that the bounda­ries are set to per­pe­tua­te the capi­ta­list frame­work. Govern­men­tal orga­niz­a­ti­ons, media, cul­tu­re orga­niz­a­ti­ons, NGOs and so on play signi­fi­cant roles in ensu­ring that the sub­ject popu­la­ti­on are domesti­ca­ted wit­hin the frame­work.

Tho­se orga­niz­a­ti­ons’ roles cen­ter on a moment by moment main­ten­an­ce of the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy. But they also cura­te accep­ta­ble “cri­ses” wit­hin the struc­tu­re in order to shift the direc­tion of explo­ita­ti­on and sub­ju­ga­ti­on in com­bat­ting unavo­ida­ble cycli­cal eco­no­mic down­turns (they are struc­tu­ral­ly unavo­ida­ble), and to con­ti­nue deepe­ning their colo­niz­a­ti­on of huma­ni­ty and natu­re. A coun­try defy­ing the capi­ta­list hege­mo­ny might be cal­led “a dead­ly thre­at to huma­ni­ty” befo­re bombs rain on its peop­le.

Popu­la­ti­on growth in cer­tain coun­tries might be ter­med “popu­la­ti­on bomb” befo­re an assort­ment of colo­ni­al mea­su­res are imple­men­ted against them. The issu­es that gene­ra­te pro­fits and help aug­ment the capi­ta­list frame­work are igno­red, or nor­ma­li­zed no mat­ter how enor­mous they are—cancer epi­de­mic, drug epi­de­mic, mass incarce­ra­ti­on and so on and so forth, until the momen­tum to fight them beco­mes use­ful in per­pe­tua­ting the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy.

Howe­ver, des­pi­te the efforts by the ruling class to con­struct the invi­si­ble pri­son for all, our crea­ti­ve ener­gy can occa­sio­nal­ly escape the arti­fi­cial bounda­ries set by the capi­ta­list domi­na­ti­on. And some indi­vi­du­als could mana­ge to gar­ner the sup­port of a broa­der popu­la­ti­on. Howe­ver, they would be smea­red by media, be atta­cked by various social insti­tu­ti­ons, or even be kil­led by government agen­ci­es.

The ele­ment of fear is cru­cial in pre­ven­ting our crea­ti­ve ener­gy from going bey­ond the capi­ta­list cage.

Fear of unknown must have been an essen­ti­al per­cep­ti­on of ours from the begin­ning of our spe­ci­es. Our efforts in under­stan­ding our­sel­ves and our sur­roun­dings stem from it. Our sen­se of rever­ence toward natu­re, spi­ri­tua­li­ty and so on stems from its mys­te­ry and uni­ma­gin­ab­le depth. The momen­tum to domi­na­te by accu­mu­la­ti­on of wealth con­fronts fear of the unknown with its bru­te for­ce.

When capi­ta­lists des­troy a pris­ti­ne forest fil­led with wild lives and their intri­ca­te sys­tem, they des­troy and colo­ni­ze the natu­ral envi­ron­ment while ste­aling the fear of unknown. When capi­ta­lists des­troy cul­tures and tra­di­ti­ons and replace them with a capi­ta­list mar­ket, they des­troy what they can’t ste­al in order to play God of Money.
Cul­ti­va­ti­on of fear

A pro­tec­tion racket sche­me works the best when the ser­vice pro­vi­der appears to be capa­ble of inflic­ting the very vio­lence that you wish to avoid. 9/​11 is an embo­di­ment of such a shady mar­ke­ting stra­te­gy.

We are told what hap­pen­ed. We are told to think accord­in­gly. But the­re are obvious incon­sis­ten­ci­es— the fail­u­re of the Air For­ce to inter­cept the hija­cked air­planes, sus­pi­cious lack of actions against the suspec­ted hija­ckers pri­or to the attack by intel­li­gence agen­ci­es, nume­rous tes­ti­mo­nies indi­ca­ting the pre­sence of explo­si­ves in the 9/​11 buil­dings, cir­cum­stan­ti­al evi­dence indi­ca­ting that an event like 9/​11 was necessa­ry to embark on a seri­es of colo­ni­al wars against the Midd­le East while curtail­ing the civil and legal rights of the peop­le and so on.

The aut­ho­ri­ty its­elf doesn’t deny tho­se points, as if to say “what are you gon­na do about it?” And we are told “you are eit­her with us, or against us”.

9/​11 has beco­me the go-to jus­ti­fi­ca­ti­on for colo­nia­lism, cor­po­ra­tism and mili­ta­rism for the empi­re. Coun­tries that defy the wes­tern capi­ta­list hege­mo­ny have been des­troy­ed. Peop­le who defy it have been ridi­cu­led, exclu­ded, jai­led or kil­led.

The obvious incon­sis­ten­ci­es of the sta­te poli­ci­es sim­ply turn into fear, which in turn streng­t­hens the sale of the impe­ri­al pro­tec­tion racket. After all, the empi­re is armed with the sheer might of 800 mili­ta­ry bases across the glo­be and nume­rous WMDs.

The abso­lu­te power of vio­lence that defeats logic and huma­ni­ty is the mani­fes­ta­ti­on of wealth and power, which are the essence of the US empi­re: a feu­dal hier­ar­chy, inflic­ting count­less struc­tu­ral extor­ti­ons against its peop­le 24/​7.

The­re are many other examp­les of such events throughout the histo­ry of the US empi­re, which cul­ti­va­te unspeaka­ble fear among the peop­le while giving the aut­ho­ri­ty blank checks to impo­se repres­si­ve mea­su­res. The assas­si­na­ti­on of a pro­mi­nent figu­re can be such an event. The­se and other events are always aug­men­ted by dis­clo­sures by intel­li­gence agen­ci­es con­fir­ming that such events can actual­ly take place.

The­se events con­ti­nue to pre­vent the sub­ject popu­la­ti­on from ques­tio­ning their leap of faith into the dest­ruc­ti­ve system—again, capi­ta­lism colo­ni­zes our fear of unknown as it estab­lis­hes its­elf as God of Money.

It stands to rea­son that mea­su­res appro­pria­te to the risk of the virus should be taken as legi­ti­ma­te medi­cal pre­cau­ti­ons, just as occa­sio­nal school clo­sures during a flu sea­son, basic sani­ta­ry pre­cau­ti­ons to avoid get­ting sick, the pro­tec­tion of vul­nerable peop­le, and so on can be con­si­de­red necessa­ry.

But an obvious rest­ruc­tu­ring of a socie­ty in ways which would inflict repres­si­ve mea­su­res of cen­sor­s­hip, ban­ning of free assem­bly, dest­ruc­tion of com­mu­nities, restric­tion of human rights, and crea­ti­on of lucra­ti­ve busi­ness oppor­tu­nities for the ruling class should rai­se serious ques­ti­ons. Espe­cial­ly, as the “new virus” has tur­ned out to be not so new accord­ing to sci­en­tists, and it also turns out to be not so dead­ly.

As we under­go Covid-19 lock­down mea­su­res, the rich and power­ful are sho­we­red with bai­louts, eco­no­mic oppor­tu­nities, poli­ti­cal decisi­ons to be “res­cued”, making bil­li­ons and bil­li­ons, while the rest of us endu­re neo­li­be­ral restructuring—losing wages, losing workers’ rights, losing legal rights and losing human rights.

The momen­tum for the Covid mea­su­res has been pushed through our socie­ty with the same momen­tum of a pro­tec­tion racket sche­me. Just as 9/​11 or JFK’s assas­si­na­ti­on have left nume­rous unde­nia­ble evi­dence indi­ca­ting that the events are pivo­tal in for­war­ding eco­no­mic pro­jects, the Covid panic situa­tes its­elf wit­hin the con­text of a web of finan­cial inte­rests.

Mis­in­for­ma­ti­on and dis­in­for­ma­ti­on and cru­cial evi­dence indi­ca­ting con­flicts of inte­rests on the part of lar­ge inter­na­tio­nal insti­tu­ti­ons with strong cor­po­ra­te and mili­ta­ry ties – the World Eco­no­mic Forum, WHO, Bill & Melin­da Gates Foun­da­ti­on, various pro­mi­nent NGOs, government agen­ci­es, and giant cor­po­ra­te enti­ties – signal to the peop­le that this requi­res uncon­di­tio­nal com­pli­an­ce.

Under such cir­cum­s­tan­ces, facts about the virus, incon­sis­ten­ci­es, and the rest of the ques­ti­ons beco­me fuel for doubt. The doubt opens the door for the pos­si­bi­li­ty that tho­se who claim to pro­tect you are in fact the per­pe­tra­tors of the pain and suf­fe­ring. The peop­le face a cata­stro­phic cri­sis of their iden­ti­ty: they face a major cogni­ti­ve dis­so­nan­ce.

No amount of facts would con­vert their posi­ti­ons. In fact, the more they know, the more they beco­me afraid and ada­mant in sti­cking to the sta­te-sanc­tion­ed Covid ritu­als.

Obses­si­ve com­pul­si­ve beha­vi­or mani­fests to gain a sen­se of con­trol. It for­ces phy­si­cal­ly healt­hy indi­vi­du­als to enga­ge in ritu­al clean­sing of their body parts and their sur­roun­dings, so much so that their actions inter­fe­re with their dai­ly lives. The action is pure­ly psy­cho­lo­gi­cal and ritua­listic.

Germ­a­pho­bes are not ratio­nal, sani­ta­ry or healt­hy. Just as dir­ty masks are worn over and over. Just as peop­le wear masks on streets, and immedia­te­ly take them off as soon as they sit down to eat at an enc­lo­sed restau­rant.

Logic and rea­son don’t mat­ter for tho­se who enga­ge in ritu­als of clean­sing in order to escape from facing the ulti­ma­te truth about the sys­tem and their own posi­ti­ons in it.

The ritu­al beha­vi­ors are sti­pu­la­ted by the sys­tem — social distancing, wea­ring masks, no assem­bly. Obedience and com­pla­cen­cy are enfor­ced even if the mea­su­res might not be effec­ti­ve in redu­cing the risk of virus and the detri­men­tal effects of the mea­su­res can sur­pass the sup­po­sed letha­li­ty of the virus.

As their beha­vi­ors beco­me habi­tu­al in the dai­ly repe­ti­ti­ons, the accom­pany­ing slo­gans sink into the psy­che of the popu­la­ti­on. The fear of abu­se and pain are pushed under their con­scious­ness as they enga­ge in the ritu­als. Images of black peop­le get­ting shot by poli­ce offi­cers, whist­leb­lo­wers mer­ci­less­ly thrown in pri­sons, and so on fade as they make sure that their masks are on their faces.

Capi­ta­lism preys on the most vul­nerable peop­le as the sub­ject popu­la­ti­on upholds the dead­ly ten­den­cy to pro­tect their own posi­ti­ons in it. See­min­gly bright peop­le sud­den­ly acqui­re a men­tal block and fail to see the struc­tu­ral mecha­nism of eco­no­mic extor­ti­on and exclu­si­on as soon as the sys­tem turns to them and whis­pers “what can you do about it?”.

Yet, the very pre­sence of the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy beco­mes visi­ble as the popu­la­ti­on shamel­ess­ly goes along with flim­sy offi­cial nar­ra­ti­ves: “WMDs in Iraq is the big­gest thre­at against huma­ni­ty”, “inner-city mino­ri­ty kids are super pre­d­a­tors who need to be brought to heel” , “the Rus­si­ans are com­ing”, or “a dead­ly pla­gue is here”.

Why not? After all, peop­le seem to belie­ve that a coun­try foun­ded by slave owning colo­ni­zers with 800 mili­ta­ry bases across the glo­be, which, kil­ling, raping and ste­aling in a cul­tu­re of domi­na­ti­on, is actual­ly a defen­der of free­dom. The fear of the God of Money is in full moti­on.

Mean­while, tho­se who refu­se to con­form are exclu­ded and shamed. The dyna­mic is actively encou­ra­ged to stay wit­hin the cor­po­ra­te poli­ti­cal frame­work, invi­go­ra­ting the illu­si­on of “demo­cra­cy” domi­na­ted by two US impe­ri­al poli­ti­cal par­ties. Nar­ra­ti­ves are pre­pa­red by the par­ty estab­lish­ments. Posi­ti­ons are sti­pu­la­ted. If you are for this selec­ted issue or that issue, or if you are against them, you are drawn into the muds­lin­ging match wit­hin a sta­te-sanc­tion­ed ring of accep­ta­ble ide­as. This cul­mi­na­tes in a ritu­al fight cal­led the US Pre­si­den­ti­al elec­tion.

See­min­gly smart peop­le are cor­ne­red into chee­ring for a gla­dia­tor batt­le bet­ween two impe­ria­lists who will per­pe­tua­te the feu­dal hier­ar­chy of money and vio­lence.

Their scream urging you to vote in order to save the oppres­sed peop­le is firm­ly in line with the colo­ni­al ves­ti­ge of mani­fest desti­ny. They vote for the very government that kills peop­le in “enemy coun­tries”. They vote for the very government that cages child­ren and incarce­ra­tes immi­grants. They vote for the government that locks up peop­le who haven’t com­mit­ted cri­mes. They vote for the government that kills peop­le for the color of their skin.

All tho­se peop­le they claim to save can­not vote. They don’t have to vote becau­se the savi­ors — Ame­ri­can peop­le — will vote to deter­mi­ne their fate. US cor­po­ra­te poli­tics pro­vi­des some of the main ritu­als for the God of Money.

Even tho­se dis­si­dents, acti­vists and so on, who are gene­ral­ly insight­ful and awa­re have also con­trac­ted this con­di­ti­on, attacking their fel­low com­ra­des for ques­tio­ning the letha­li­ty of the virus, effec­ti­ve­ness of mask wea­ring, vali­di­ty of various lock­down mea­su­res and so on for the rea­sons alrea­dy descri­bed abo­ve. Howe­ver, it should also be noted that tho­se who sub­scri­be to various sorts of fascist ideo­lo­gies actively align them­sel­ves with the restric­ti­ve mea­su­res of the sta­te as well.

For tho­se peop­le, the struc­tu­ral con­se­quen­ces of the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy and its decep­ti­ons do not pose any pro­blem. The momen­tum of fascism is always use­ful in eli­mi­na­ting the anti-capi­ta­list and anti-impe­ria­list momen­tum in times of “cri­sis”.

The mecha­nism of con­for­mi­ty and com­pli­an­ce is in place working with a full impe­ri­al for­ce 24/​7, crea­ting an impe­ri­al gra­vi­ty that lifts tho­se who go along with the estab­lish­ment, while put­ting weights on tho­se who don’t. The peop­le are for­ced to form groups gathe­red at various levels on the hier­ar­chy, aimed to pro­tect their own exis­ten­ces along with the struc­tu­ral lay­ers of the cas­te order.

Their own values, beliefs and norms are for­med to ser­ve them­sel­ves but they are built wit­hin the capi­ta­list frame­work.

They may oppo­se tho­se who are abo­ve or below but ulti­mate­ly their worst enemies are tho­se who do not con­form to the hier­ar­chy its­elf. Anti-capi­ta­lists and anti-impe­ria­lists are often eli­mi­na­ted by the aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an momen­tum wit­hin the social net­works which must exist wit­hin each lay­er in order to float at the par­ti­cu­lar position—the impe­ri­al gra­vi­ty per­mea­tes throughout the hier­ar­chy at all times.

Patho­lo­gi­cal con­di­ti­ons have been cul­ti­va­ted among peop­le to cope with the situa­ti­on: addic­ti­ve beha­vi­ors, obses­si­ve com­pul­si­ve beha­vi­ors, depres­si­on, anger, and sui­ci­dal ide­a­ti­on. Men­tal health pro­blems among minors are sky­ro­cke­ting as well. Howe­ver, tho­se are not the main con­cerns of the estab­lish­ment.

Mean­while, tho­se who refu­se to wear masks are open­ly cal­led psy­cho­paths, just as ens­laved peop­le who escaped were said to have a men­tal ill­ness cal­led dra­pe­to­ma­nia, or women who could not bear ruth­less gen­der discri­mi­na­ti­on were said to have hys­te­ria.

Mean­while, the uncon­di­tio­nal aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an hier­ar­chy con­stant­ly turns minds under the spell of lear­ned hel­pless­ness. Some are wrap­ped up in acu­te cyni­cism refu­sing to con­si­der any pos­si­ble alter­na­ti­ves. The pain of abu­se and neglect for­ce child­ren to inter­na­li­ze abu­si­ve­ness as a defen­se mecha­nism, for­cing them to cul­ti­va­te abu­sers in their psy­che to over­co­me their trau­mas, tur­ning them into good can­di­da­tes for enforcers of pain wit­hin the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy.

The God of Money des­troys tho­se who defy, while colo­ni­zing tho­se who obey at psy­cho­lo­gi­cal levels.

Orga­ni­cal­ly grown com­mu­nities that help to con­nect peop­le har­mo­nious­ly are for­ced into the frame­work of Covid mea­su­res to be divi­ded, nul­li­fied and assi­mi­la­ted into the capi­ta­list frame­work. Covid mea­su­res ali­ena­te peop­le by remo­ving our tools of inti­ma­cy, com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on, orga­ni­zing, and etc., while digi­ti­zing them into com­mo­di­fia­ble data. Tho­se who can afford “the new nor­mal” wit­hin their gated com­mu­nities are bles­sed with the time to reflect, appre­cia­te art and natu­re and embrace their fan­ta­sy world of a dys­to­pic now, at the expen­se of the peop­le who are domesti­ca­ted wit­hin the strict mea­su­res of struc­tu­ral extor­ti­on regimes. Visits to the doc­tor beco­me online chats based on pro­fit incen­ti­ves.

Edu­ca­ti­on beco­mes digi­tal indoc­tri­na­ti­on without the intri­cacy of sharing and depth of crea­ti­ve pur­su­it. Small busi­nes­ses which can fos­ter com­mu­ni­ty values are repla­ced with glo­bal cor­po­ra­ti­ons with impe­ri­al values. Opp­res­si­ve mea­su­res con­ti­nue to con­cen­tra­te among tho­se who are alrea­dy oppres­sed. The result of lacking health­ca­re, wea­ke­ned immu­ni­ty, and pre­vai­ling health issu­es mani­fest as jus­ti­fi­ca­ti­ons to ent­ang­le them with more lock­down mea­su­res and finan­cia­liz­a­ti­on of their suf­fe­rings.
Capi­ta­lism: A Seri­al Arso­nist by Night, A Bra­ve Fire­figh­ter by Day

The head of the World Eco­no­mic Forum, Klaus Schwab, wri­tes:

COVID-19 lockdowns may be gradually easing, but anxiety about the world’s social and economic prospects is only intensifying. There is good reason to worry: a sharp economic downturn has already begun, and we could be facing the worst depression since the 1930s. But, while this outcome is likely, it is not unavoidable. To achieve a better outcome, the world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions. Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed. In short, we need a “Great Reset” of capitalism.”

Inde­pen­dent rese­ar­cher Cory Morningstar wri­tes:

“Schwab refers to the COVID-19 cri­sis as a waters­hed moment for fourth indus­tri­al revo­lu­ti­on tech­no­lo­gies. And while peop­le are dis­trac­ted with masks and COVID-posi­ti­ve cases repor­ted inces­sant­ly in order to sow anxie­ty and com­pli­an­ce, the glo­bal con­so­li­da­ti­on of power is hap­pe­ning in real time. In ser­vitu­de to the power eli­te, World Eco­no­mic Forum foun­der and CEO Klaus Schwab is advan­cing “a new glo­bal archi­tec­tu­re”, upheld by a new “glo­bal gover­nan­ce”.

May 18, 2018: the World Bank part­ners with the United Nati­ons.
June 13, 2019: the World Eco­no­mic Forum part­ners with the United Nati­ons.
Oct 18, 2019: a high sti­mu­la­ti­on exer­cise, mode­ling a fic­tio­n­al coro­na­vi­rus pan­de­mic, was held by the Johns Hop­kins Cen­ter for Health Secu­ri­ty, [5] in part­ners­hip with the in part­ners­hip with the World Eco­no­mic Forum and the Bill and Melin­da Gates Foun­da­ti­on.

Appro­xi­mate­ly five mon­ths later, on March 11, 2020: the World Eco­no­mic Forum part­ners with the World Health Orga­niz­a­ti­on (a UN body) laun­ching the COVID Action Plat­form, a coali­ti­on of 200+ of the world’s most power­ful cor­po­ra­ti­ons. (By May 6, 2020 this num­ber had swel­led to over 1,106.) On this same day, March 11, 2020, the World Health Orga­niz­a­ti­on clas­si­fied COVID-19 as a pan­de­mic.

On March 26, 2020, with 87% of the world’s stu­dent popu­la­ti­on affec­ted by COVID-19 school clo­sures, the Glo­bal Edu­ca­ti­on Coali­ti­on was announ­ced as a means to acce­le­ra­te the tran­si­ti­on to a glo­bal forth indus­tri­al revo­lu­ti­on digi­ta­li­zed edu­ca­ti­on fue­led by emer­ging mar­kets (SDGs). Foun­ding part­ners inclu­de Micro­soft, Goog­le, and Face­book.

Other part­ners inclu­de BBC, McK­in­sey, IBM, the Johns Hop­kins Insti­tu­te for Edu­ca­ti­on Poli­cy, and the Glo­bal Busi­ness Coali­ti­on for Edu­ca­ti­on. [Glo­bal Busi­ness Coali­ti­on for Edu­ca­ti­on Advi­so­ry Board Mem­bers and Foun­ding Mem­bers] This is the glo­bal com­mo­di­fi­ca­ti­on of child­ren, as data com­mo­di­ties, a new class asset. An emer­ging mar­ket, under the gui­se of SDGs (pre­si­ded over by the World Eco­no­mic Forum), built on child data sur­veil­lan­ce and human capi­tal assets. [April 15, 2019: From Bil­li­ons to Tril­li­ons: Inves­ting in the Next Genera­ti­on]

Win­ter Oak strai­ght­for­ward­ly descri­bes) Kaus Schwab’s world view as “fascistic” and descri­bes how Covid-19 can help rea­li­ze “his gre­at fascist reset”:

21st cen­tu­ry fascism has found dif­fe­rent poli­ti­cal forms through which to con­ti­nue its core pro­ject of resha­ping huma­ni­ty to suit capi­ta­lism through bla­tant­ly aut­ho­ri­ta­ri­an means.

This new fascism is today being advan­ced in the gui­se of glo­bal gover­nan­ce, bio­se­cu­ri­ty, the “New Nor­mal”, the “New Deal for Natu­re” and the “Fourth Indus­tri­al Revo­lu­ti­on”.

The glo­bal capi­ta­list ruling eli­te have cer­tain­ly been doing their best to “take advan­ta­ge of the shock inflic­ted by the panic”, assu­ring us all sin­ce the very ear­liest days of the out­break that, for some unf­a­thom­able rea­son, not­hing in our lives could ever be the same again.

Schwab and Mal­leret are, ine­vi­ta­b­ly, enthu­si­astic in their use of the New Nor­mal framing, des­pi­te their admis­si­on that the virus was only ever “mild”.

“It is our defi­ning moment”, they crow. “Many things will chan­ge fore­ver”. “A new world will emer­ge”. “The socie­tal uphea­val unleas­hed by COVID-19 will last for years, and pos­si­b­ly genera­ti­ons”. “Many of us are pon­de­ring when things will return to nor­mal. The short respon­se is: never”.

His­to­ri­an Lucia­na Boh­ne, writes(14) on her face­book wall:

Omin­ous words from the World Bank (see beow). They say post-Covid, we’ll have a “dif­fe­rent eco­no­my.” By “dif­fe­rent” they mean “new busi­nes­ses and sec­tors.” They mean “the older are being dri­ven to bankrupt­cy or absor­bed into mono­po­lies.” They mean, “You are going to lose your jobs and not many of you will find them in the new sec­tors becau­se you won’t have the skills.” They bla­me Covid, but the old economy–that they’re shut­ting down– well befo­re Covid was in growth ZERO (Ger­ma­ny for examp­le) and most Wes­tern-style eco­no­mies were well below the mini­mum tole­ra­ble 3%. So, Covid didn’t kill it. They dro­ve it to the edge, And now it’s being “rest­ruc­tu­red,” and “downsized”–it’s NEOLIBERALISM ON STEROIDS. If that is pos­si­ble, and they think it is.

“In order to reverse this serious setback [Covid] to development progress and poverty reduction, countries will need to prepare for a different economy post-COVID, by allowing capital, labor, skills, and innovation to move into new businesses and sectors.”
World Bank, October 2020 Reported

In the past, we’ve seen the US government enga­ge in dest­ruc­tion of com­mu­nities by cor­ne­ring peop­le into desti­tu­te pover­ty, vio­lence, drug epi­de­mic, only to intro­du­ce “solu­ti­ons” which gen­tri­fy, incarce­r­a­te, mur­der and ste­al. We’ve seen wes­tern governments enga­ge in desta­bi­liz­a­ti­on of coun­tries by sanc­tions, eco­no­mic embar­go, pro­pa­gan­da cam­pai­gns and pro­xy wars, only to decla­re “so and so must go”, “so and so is kil­ling his own peop­le” and unleash its mili­ta­ry might in pro­tec­ting the wes­tern capi­ta­list hege­mo­ny. The events sur­roun­ding Covid-19 illus­tra­tes a text book pat­tern of events wit­hin the capi­ta­list frame­work in which a con­cer­ted momen­tum of fear, cri­sis and eco­no­mic ass­aults are orches­tra­ted in order to intro­du­ce favor­able con­di­ti­ons for more explo­ita­ti­on and sub­ju­ga­ti­on.

It must be stron­gly noted that the urgen­cy of virus mea­su­res and their repres­si­ve aspects can aug­ment vio­lent stra­te­gies against “enemy” in and out of the empi­re, cor­po­ra­te green sche­mes against natu­re, com­mo­di­fi­ca­ti­on of digi­ti­zed social rela­ti­ons and finan­cia­liz­a­ti­on of oppres­sed popu­la­ti­ons. The human cos­ts as well as envi­ron­men­tal cos­ts of plun­de­rings will be enor­mous. The sche­mes descri­bed by various inde­pen­dent jour­na­lists reflect how dan­ge­rous tho­se ima­gi­na­ti­ons of domi­na­ti­on, which are devoid of mate­ri­al rea­li­ty, can be.

The acti­ve initia­ti­ves to replace huma­ni­ty and natu­re with an arti­fi­cial-scape of algo­rithm, machi­nes, and arti­fi­cial intel­li­gence are in line with the colo­niz­a­ti­on of huma­ni­ty and natu­re by capi­ta­lism. Ulti­mate­ly, digi­tiz­a­ti­on of social rela­ti­ons and cur­ren­cy allow the capi­ta­list estab­lish­ment to put strings on people’s beha­vi­ors just as the capi­ta­list hier­ar­chy con­trols people’s beha­vi­or with eco­no­mic struc­tu­ral extor­ti­ons (I high­ly recom­mend rese­arch by Ali­son McDo­well on it below).

People’s paths are fur­ther ato­mi­zed and divi­ded without orga­nic social inter­ac­tions wit­hin a rigid frame­work to be con­trol­led, mode­ra­ted, and har­ve­s­ted as com­mo­di­fied data. Here are some good mate­ri­als on the topic and more. Plea­se do look into each mate­ri­als.

Masks Made Mandatory in the Age of Climate Emergency & Planetary Biodiversity Crisis – Cory Morningstar
Klaus Schwab and His Great Fascist Reset – Winter Oak
All Roads Lead to Dark Winter – Whitney Webb & Raul Diego
Introduction to the Fourth Industrial Revolution & The Covid Economic Reset – Alison McDowell
COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity – James Corbett

“Good Ame­ri­cans”

Ame­ri­can peop­le are deeply domesti­ca­ted peop­le with a grand sen­se of nar­cis­sism as “Ame­ri­cans”. The coun­try has inflic­ted so much pain and suf­fe­ring against the world with its colo­ni­al poli­ci­es and wars, yet Ame­ri­can peop­le gene­ral­ly per­cei­ve them­sel­ves as citi­zens of free­dom. Iro­ni­cal­ly, the more they are cor­ne­red into endu­ring the con­se­quen­ces of their own com­pla­cen­cy, the more they cling to the fact that they are at least “Ame­ri­cans”. Becau­se, as it was descri­bed abo­ve, rejec­ting their coun­try­hood is a rejec­tion of themselves—the big­gest fear of all for the proud Ame­ri­cans.

Such a core value bursts out in the open when we see white peop­le screa­ming “I’m white!” as they get bea­ten up by poli­ce offi­cers. It’s not that they don’t know the natu­re of the stra­ti­fied struc­tu­re of the cas­te sys­tem when they insist on “diver­si­ty“ without dis­mant­ling the explo­i­ti­ve sys­tem of sub­ju­ga­ti­on. Most of them do know it and they do know their posi­ti­ons in it and they want to keep it that way.

That’s why so many peop­le buy the idea that Rus­si­ans are mes­sing with their “demo­cra­cy”. It is not that they actual­ly belie­ve that Rus­si­ans do stuff to them, but they sen­se the posi­ti­on of Rus­sia in the impe­ri­al frame­work. “How dare Rus­si­ans get in the way of the United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca!”. How iro­nic is it that tho­se who are going through the eco­no­mic shock the­ra­py now at the hands of tho­se who inflic­ted an eco­no­mic shock the­ra­py against the Rus­si­an peop­le after the dest­ruc­tion of USSR fail to see what is hap­pe­ning to them­sel­ves. Need­less to say, impe­ri­al gra­vi­ty is glo­bal. Some wes­tern pro­xy powers, on the other hand, are eager to com­ply and do extra miles in order to hold bet­ter posi­ti­ons in the impe­ri­al hier­ar­chy. Neo­li­be­ral rest­ruc­tu­ring of their eco­no­mies, com­pli­an­ce for mili­ta­ry stra­te­gic neces­si­ties, and demo­niz­a­ti­on of “enemy coun­tries” and so on can be more pro­mi­nent in tho­se coun­tries than the US its­elf.
Chi­na and Covid-19

Now, I feel com­pel­led to dis­cuss brief­ly why I think Chi­na has acted so drasti­cal­ly to the virus situa­ti­on sin­ce this has been rai­sed over and over to eit­her vali­da­te wes­tern actions on the virus or to demo­ni­ze the Chi­ne­se government for taking such strict mea­su­res.

First of all, it should be noted that the­re are drastic dif­fe­ren­ces bet­ween ful­ly for pro­fit mea­su­res imple­men­ted by the wes­tern coun­tries and mea­su­res imple­men­ted by Chi­na which inclu­de con­si­de­ra­ti­ons for job secu­ri­ty, wage com­pen­sa­ti­on, via­ble tre­at­ment opti­ons and so on. The mea­su­res were effec­ti­ve in kee­ping the fata­li­ty at the very mini­mum. A recent poll shows the level of of hap­pi­ness among the Chi­ne­se peop­le to be extre­me­ly high com­pa­red to that of wes­tern coun­tries.

Chi­na has been cor­ne­red by the impe­ri­al for­ces to rea­li­ze what it sees as a Mar­xist Leni­nist socie­ty with a long term plan. The­re have been a few major les­sons for Chi­na. First, indus­tria­li­zed wes­tern powers have attemp­ted to colo­ni­ze Chi­na mul­ti­ple times. This has neces­si­ta­ted that Chi­na have its own indus­tria­liz­a­ti­on through cen­tra­li­zed plan­ning in order to pro­vi­de for its popu­la­ti­on while avoiding being explo­i­ted and sub­ju­ga­ted by the wes­tern capi­ta­list frame­work.

In order to do so, Chi­na has estab­lis­hed its Five Princi­ples of Peace­ful Coexis­tence: mutu­al respect for sov­er­eig­n­ty and ter­ri­to­ri­al inte­gri­ty, mutu­al non-aggres­si­on, non-inter­fe­rence in each other’s inter­nal affairs, equa­li­ty and mutu­al bene­fit, and peace­ful coexis­tence. Based on this idea of non-inter­fe­rence, Chi­na enga­ges in eco­no­mic acti­vi­ties with coun­tries that do not share such principles—which inclu­de major impe­ria­list powers and pro­xies.

As a result, Chi­na has inde­ed expan­ded its eco­no­mic sphe­re, suc­cess­ful­ly pul­ling count­less peop­le out of pover­ty, while gai­ning its eco­no­mic power against the impe­ri­al for­ces. This has attrac­ted cri­ti­cism among tho­se who see Chi­na as an anti-impe­ri­al for­ce. “How come Chi­na is working with Isra­el, the US and so on in its eco­no­mic pro­jects?”, they would ask.

The ans­wer to me is in its aim of eco­no­mic deve­lo­p­ment for its peop­le as well as in its non inter­fe­rence poli­cy. As a sov­er­eign coun­try, Chi­na is deci­ding its own path by weig­hing a par­ti­cu­lar balan­ce bet­ween prag­ma­tism and moving toward its goal wit­hin the world in which impe­ri­al powers are domi­nant.

Now, the­re is ano­t­her ang­le we must pay atten­ti­on to. The intro­duc­tion of its mar­ket eco­no­my for Chi­na has been ano­t­her neces­si­ty to avoid dest­ruc­tion of its eco­no­my, as well as its nati­on­hood, by deve­lo­p­ment of the black mar­ket as well as infil­tra­ti­on by the wes­tern colo­ni­al inte­rests. By allowing free mar­ket acti­vi­ties under the frame­work of the CPC, Chi­na ensu­res its emer­ging bil­lion­aires to fol­low Chi­ne­se agen­das ins­tead of the Wes­tern impe­ri­al frame­work.

This back­ground hel­ps us to under­stand China’s very acti­ve posi­ti­on in Covid-19 mea­su­res. If inde­ed what the glo­bal eco­no­mic powers term as the 4th indus­tri­al revo­lu­ti­on is a deter­mi­ning fac­tor for their future eco­no­mic powers, not having a sta­ke in it puts Chi­na in a secon­da­ry posi­ti­on to the Wes­tern impe­ri­al hege­mo­ny. The Covid situa­ti­on needs to be seen in this dyna­mic of the eco­no­mic strugg­le bet­ween the impe­ria­list for­ces and the rest of the world sin­ce it is an intro­duc­tion to the 4th indus­tri­al revo­lu­ti­on in many regards.

Chi­na sim­ply sees the medi­cal mea­su­res against the virus as well as the 4th indus­tri­al revo­lu­ti­on as a part of the eco­no­mic phe­no­me­non that needs to be under the gui­d­ance of the CPC. This might be hard to swal­low for tho­se who reco­gni­ze the gra­ve dan­ger of fur­ther digi­ti­zing our social rela­ti­ons under the cor­po­ra­te frame­work, as well as its finan­cia­liz­a­ti­on and its asso­cia­ted assort­ments of explo­ita­ti­on and sub­ju­ga­ti­on. This is under­stand­a­ble but such a jud­ge­ment should not be made accord­ing to the wes­tern capi­ta­list histo­ry and its con­texts.

This point has been ful­ly uti­li­zed by the wes­tern estab­lish­ment in erro­ne­ous­ly labe­ling Chi­na as lea­ding online cen­sor­s­hip and repres­si­ve mea­su­res asso­cia­ted with new tech­no­lo­gies. For one thing, regu­la­ti­ons against wes­tern poli­ti­cal infil­tra­ti­on can not be equa­ted to “cen­sor­s­hip” or “human rights abu­se” when we look at the histo­ry of the wes­tern colo­ni­al desta­bi­liz­a­ti­on sche­mes against sub­ject coun­tries. The Chi­ne­se government gets more sup­port from its own peop­le than most wes­tern governments do for good rea­sons. The inco­me ine­qua­li­ty as well as the pover­ty rate is lower in Chi­na than the US now.

Mean­while, rea­li­ty shows us that it has been the US poli­ce that kills three peop­le on average ever­y­day, and it is the US government inter­fe­ring with human rights, impo­sing mass incarce­ra­ti­on, vio­lent poli­ce for­ces, insti­tu­tio­nal discri­mi­na­ti­on of various sorts, depri­va­ti­on of social safe­ty nets, and glo­bal sur­veil­lan­ce and so on against the peop­le.

Credit score, racial demo­gra­phy, and tools of opp­res­si­on have been used to per­pe­tua­te explo­ita­ti­on and sub­ju­ga­ti­on in the US for so long.

It just doesn’t make sen­se to tar­get Chi­na when the US is clear­ly the lea­ding for­ce of explo­ita­ti­on glo­bal­ly, and Chi­na to the empi­re is the big­gest obsta­cle in its path today.

And let’s say that the 4th Indus­tri­al Revo­lu­ti­on is detri­men­tal to the peop­le in the west. Would it make sen­se to demo­ni­ze Chi­na and demand that it stop deve­lo­ping AI tech­no­lo­gy, online capa­bi­li­ties and so on? Isn’t it like des­troy­ing all nuclear wea­pons of Rus­sia and Chi­na during the Cold War?

Chi­na has its own pro­blems stem­ming from its intro­duc­tion of the mar­ket eco­no­my, envi­ron­men­tal issu­es and so on. Alt­hough the struc­tu­ral issu­es have emer­ged from reac­tions against the impe­ri­al for­ces, need­less to say, allowing impe­ri­al for­ces to “sol­ve” them total­ly defeats the pur­po­se. Tho­se pro­blems are not the white man’s bur­den to be sol­ved by the west. Chi­na has its own ways of sol­ving them and it is sim­ply not the busi­ness of the impe­ri­al west to deci­de the fate of the Chi­ne­se peop­le.

Last but not the least, the impe­ri­al for­ces, inclu­ding the pre-WW2 impe­ri­al Japan, have enga­ged in bio attacks against Chi­na, Korea, Cuba and so on. The US mili­ta­ry pos­ses­ses nume­rous bio-wea­pon faci­li­ties across the glo­be). The pre­pa­red­ness against such attacks is ano­t­her deter­mi­ning fac­tor in over­co­m­ing wes­tern impe­ria­lism as it is a deter­rence against an impe­ri­al bio-attack.

This mat­ter is par­ti­cu­lar­ly urgent when the wes­tern media, government agen­ci­es, cor­po­ra­te enti­ties, NGOs and other poli­ti­cal, eco­no­mic and mili­ta­ry for­ces of the West have been orches­tra­ting various desta­bi­li­zing pro­jects against Chi­na – Uyghur regi­on, Hong Kong and bla­tant lies regar­ding the Tia­nan­men Squa­re event to name a few. The empi­re has been colo­ni­zing and co-opting tho­se who defy, and when it fails, it has mer­ci­less­ly des­troy­ed them.

Under­stan­ding the­se dyna­mics bet­ween Chi­na as well as its allies and the Wes­tern capi­ta­list hege­mo­ny should be a posi­ti­ve step toward our har­mo­nious exis­tence.

Last­ly, I would like to sin­ce­rely express my gra­ti­tu­de to all of you who stand whe­re impe­ri­al gra­vi­ty is strong. Thank you. Unco­vering facts buried in the sea of capi­ta­list pro­pa­gan­da and dis­cer­ning dyna­mics roo­ted in our genui­ne cir­cum­s­tan­ces and its his­to­ri­cal con­text is important. Becau­se grasping the mate­ri­al rea­li­ty is a key to remai­ning human when we are domesti­ca­ted in the capi­ta­list cage of lies and decep­ti­ons.

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