[EMRAWI:] Demo: Schubhaft tötet – Freiheit für alle!


Wir for­dern die sofor­ti­ge Auf­lö­sung der Schub­haft und Ent­las­sung aller Gefan­ge­nen aus den PAZ und Knäs­ten sowie eine Neu­or­ga­ni­sie­rung der Wohn­si­tua­ti­on für geflüch­te­te Men­schen in Öster­reich.

Bewe­gungs­frei­heit und Blei­be­recht für alle! Schub­haft abschaf­fen, Abschie­bun­gen stop­pen!



DEMO: 7. Novem­ber 15 Uhr

Anna­säu­le Inns­bruck

Bit­te denkt an Mund-Nasen­schutz und hal­tet Abstand.


Wir sind scho­ckiert, was in den letz­ten Tagen in Wien pas­siert ist und ver­ges­sen zusätz­lich nicht; In ande­ren Län­dern ist Flucht oder not­wen­di­ge Ver­tei­di­gung von Anhänger*innen des fun­da­men­ta­lis­ti­schen isla­mi­schen Staat, all­täg­lich.

Ste­hen wir soli­da­risch zusam­men, hier in Öster­reich und auch in ande­ren Gegen­den der Welt, gegen jede Form von men­schen­feind­li­cher Ideo­lo­gie und Pra­xis – gegen mör­de­ri­schen Dji­h­ad­dis­mus eben­so wie gegen jede Form von Faschis­mus und Ras­sis­mus! Und gegen ein Sys­tem, das die­se For­men der Men­schen­feind­lich­keit begüns­tigt und her­vor­bringt!

See you on the streets! Auch in ande­ren Städ­ten.

No bor­der no nati­on, Stop depor­ta­ti­on, kein Mensch ist ille­gal.


The poli­ce have ano­t­her per­son on the con­sci­ence: A man who had fled Chech­nya died in the Josef­stadt pri­son on Octo­ber 27 in the morning after he had been in seve­re pain all night long but was not given ade­qua­te medi­cal care or hos­pi­ta­liz­a­ti­on.

His fami­ly is in shock, the poli­ce are silent, the media look away. The decea­sed man was initi­al­ly in pri­son and was to be depor­ted to Rus­sia. Many peop­le are sub­ject to seve­re repres­si­on in the Chech­nya regi­on, which is qua­si-auto­no­mous from the Krem­lin, and nume­rous mino­ri­ties are per­se­cu­t­ed. The auto­crat Ram­zan Kady­rov rules the regi­on, he has com­mit­ted count­less human rights vio­la­ti­ons and the num­ber of disap­pearan­ces is high! In addi­ti­on, the ter­ror by the Isla­mic sta­te con­ti­nues. It is into­le­ra­ble to deport to such a place!


We demand the immedia­te dis­so­lu­ti­on of the detenti­on pen­ding depor­ta­ti­on and the release of all pri­so­ners from the PAZ and jails as well as a reor­ga­niz­a­ti­on of the living situa­ti­on for refu­gees in Aus­tria. Retour ligne auto­ma­tique

Free­dom of move­ment and right to stay for ever­yo­ne! Abolish depor­ta­ti­ons, stop depor­ta­ti­ons!



DEMO: Novem­ber 7th, 3 pm

Anna Column Inns­bruck

Plea­se think of mouth-nose pro­tec­tion and keep your distance.


We are sho­cked by what has hap­pen­ed in Vien­na in the last few days and we do not for­get that in other coun­tries the flight or necessa­ry defen­se of fol­lo­wers of the fun­da­men­ta­list Isla­mic sta­te is com­mon­place.

Let us stand tog­e­ther in soli­da­ri­ty, here in Aus­tria and also in other parts of the world, against every form of inhu­man ideo­lo­gy and prac­ti­ce – against mur­de­rous Jih­ad­dism as well as against every form of fascism and racism! And against a sys­tem that pro­mo­tes and pro­du­ces the­se forms of mis­an­thro­py!

See you on the streets! Also in other cities:

No bor­der no nati­on, stop depor­ta­ti­on, no one is ille­gal.

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