[FRN:] (A‑Radio) The Final Straw Radio on the current political situation in the USA

Length: 89 min

As Anar­chist Radio Ber­lin we had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to talk to Bursts and Wil­liam from the Final Straw Radio, co-mem­bers of the Chan­nel Zero Pod­cast Net­work.

During the more than 90 minu­tes of talk, we are taking some deeper dives into the 2020 US elec­tions and other US poli­ti­cal topics like Trumpism and con­spi­ra­cy myths like QAnon. But also cur­rent ever­y­day as well as poli­ti­cal life under the ongo­ing pan­de­mic. And the incre­a­se in grass­roots mutu­al aid orga­ni­zing across the so-cal­led United Sta­tes of Ame­ri­ca. Pai­red with a gene­ral look back on 4 years of Trump and all the forms of resis­tance against it as well as an out­look on what is to come.

Unfor­tu­n­a­te­ly, towards the end some of the audio got lost, so at some point only Bursts is giving ans­wers. Des­pi­te that, this inter­view might be right for anyo­ne who feels like their under­stan­ding of what’s been going in the US has decli­ned over the last years.

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