[EMRAWI:] Susa Valley: self-managed shelter ChezJesOulx evicted

At dawn riot poli­ce, digos, fire bri­ga­de and Red Cross sur­roun­ded the shel­ter.

The bar­ri­ca­des held for an hour and a half. Then, thanks to the inter­ven­ti­on of the fire bri­ga­de, the poli­ce mana­ged to enter the house, whe­re about for­ty men, women and child­ren were slee­ping.

The sym­pa­thisers were sur­roun­ded and iso­la­ted out­side the house, and the tra­vel­ling peop­le were taken to the Red Cross tent for a health check. Then the migrants were moved to the Sale­si­an struc­tu­re in Oulx and to a nuns’ insti­tu­te in Susa. Tho­se without docu­ments were taken to the Bar­don­ec­chia poli­ce sta­ti­on. The sym­pa­thisers who came in the mean­ti­me were kept away.

On the same day, the tri­al for the occup­a­ti­on of the first self-mana­ged shel­ter, the occu­p­ied base­menmt under the church in Cla­vie­re, began.

This evic­tion is a fur­ther step in the pro­cess of cri­mi­na­li­sing acti­ve soli­da­ri­ty with migrants. We are well awa­re that peop­le on the move will con­ti­nue to try to bre­ach the bor­der. From now on, without sup­port, infor­ma­ti­on, sui­ta­ble shoes, the alrea­dy hea­vy list of lives swal­lo­wed up by the bor­der will beco­me even lon­ger.

Update from the Casa Can­to­nie­ra in Oulx whe­re evic­tions and racism are being resis­ted (March 19, 2021)

The self-mana­ged shel­ter “Chez JesOulx” con­ti­nues its expe­ri­ence of occu­p­y­ing the Casa Can­to­nie­ra, a few kilo­me­tres from the bor­der bet­ween Fran­ce and Ita­ly.

A self-mana­ged and self-orga­nis­ed space that sup­ports all tho­se peop­le who are try­ing to break the bor­ders impo­sed by Fort­ress Euro­pe and cross the Alps to reach Fran­ce.

The Casa Can­to­nie­ra has been under evic­tion thre­at sin­ce its occup­a­ti­on two years ago and is con­stant­ly under poli­ce repres­si­on. Des­pi­te this, the­re is a gre­at deal of soli­da­ri­ty, as well as the deter­mi­na­ti­on of tho­se who live the­re.

Casa Can­to­nie­ra Occup­a­ta Chez­Je­sOulx

Via Mon­gi­ne­vro 96, SS24

Oulx, Susa Val­ley, Ita­ly

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