[de.indymedia:] [ENG] UPDATE AND DEMO CALL 15.05.2021

On the 15th of May, a demons­tra­ti­on orga­ni­zed by Köpi and Rigaer94 will take place in their own defence and in soli­da­ri­ty with the many threa­tened or yet evic­ted pla­ces. Pot­se, ano­t­her youth space, has recei­ved an evic­tion tit­le for the 19th of May after two years of squat­ting. They are sup­po­sed to be kicked out to give space for ano­t­her one of tho­se smart and posh faci­li­ties that des­troy cities, neigh­bour­hood by neigh­bour­hood.

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